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International Journal of Innovation and Research in Educational Sciences

School Culture and Change on a School Unit Level: A Theoretical Approach with Reference to Greece

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Educational Reform, Educational System, Legislation, School Culture
  • Bikos, Georgios
  • Papadimitriou, Panagiota
The following text discusses the conditions required for schools to change and be modernised, with the Greek educational reality serving as a point of reference. After defining the concept of school culture, the text draws attention to the role attached to the profile of teachers, the principal and deputy principal and students. It also features how this profile is shaped through the perceptions that these individuals have of themselves, their school and the profile of their students. Finally, we advocate the position that the most important changes and those most likely to cause long-term innovation are the ones that start from within schools; not as a result of orders and laws launched from above, i.e. by school supervising authorities and, mainly, the central Agency of the Ministry of Education. Thus, we highlight how positive the role of a decentralised and decentralising system of school organisation, management, supervision and control can be. On condition that, however, the school staff is adequately trained in new teaching methods, techniques and trends, has a high self-esteem and a good relationship with students, the majority of whom are willing and able to follow any changes attempted in their teaching routine and school life in general

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